The Skidian Chronicles

The Skidian Chronicles series  been likened to Hitch Hikers Guide meets Guardians of the Galaxy with a dash of Crocodile Dundee throw in for good measure.

Science fiction is the vehicle for a body of work which examines the outcomes and unintended consequences when we ignore the events unfolding around us which impact on our environment. The books contain a number of parallels with contemporary human history which we ignore at our peril.

 The series starts with a calamity striking the most advanced and sophisticated civilization in the known universe which all but wipes the entire population out. This is the avoidable outcome of this societies leadership team deluding themselves they are immune from the devastation about to be unleashed on them. They have chosen to ignore the warning signals and the many opportunities to mitigate the disaster, and eventually pay the ultimate price.

Once the initial catastrophe is over there is a long road to recovery and nothing is as it seems for any of the main players in the series.

Electronic Versions

The ebook format is epub. Information on the best apps to read the books can be found here