The Lifeboat - Electronic version.  Book three in the series.

The Lifeboat - Electronic version. Book three in the series.

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For those people who want an electronic copy of the book and don't have an account with one of the major ebook sites you can purchase and download the Epub version of the First Skidian Chronicle.

Google play books can be used as an ereader, but there are a number of others available.

The Lifeboat is the third novel in the Skidian Chronicles series. In The Lifeboat an asteroid is on a collision course with earth. It soon transpires the asteroid has been sent on its way by the Skidian first people who have uploaded themselves to a celestial version of the cloud and now define themselves as Transcendents. 

The Transcendents have a plan for humanity which doesn't include an asteroid strike killing us all off.

The plot is rich and interesting with plenty of parallels with current world politics.The Lifeboat goes further to explaining our world history and continues the theme of the risk to humanity if we continue to ignore the dangerous degradation of our environment. 

The ebook format is epub. Information on the best apps to read the books can be found here